Discovery Preschool

Discovery Preschool FAQ

1) What is Discovery Preschool?

Discovery Preschool is an integrated preschool program which creates an environment where Regina Public School values of I belong, I respect, I am responsible and I want to know are in practice. Children are taught in an individualized manner where programming and evaluation are unique to each of their needs. Discovery Preschool focusses on fostering the development of language, communication, independence and social skills, all the while nurturing the whole child to instill a love for learning.



What is the philosophy of Discovery Preschool?

All children in Discovery Preschool are taught with a high level of respect for their unique needs and interests. Children are presented with several periods of structured activities throughout their school day. In addition to this, there is significant time allotted for hands-on experiential learning.


What is the structure of Discovery Preschool?

The program consists of 12 children. There are six children who are selected from the school community and six children who are placed in the program based on identified need. The teaching staff consists of two educational assistants and one classroom teacher.


What days do students attend?

Placement students attend five days a week.

Community students attend three days a week.

Discovery Preschool follows the same calendar as the Regina Public ScSchool Board with a few exceptions.


What is length of the school day?

Children at Henry Braun Discovery Preschool attend in the afternoon between the hours of 12:45pm -3pm.


How are community children chosen for the program?

Community preschoolers are placed in the Discovery Preschool through an application system. Community families apply for a position in the program and it is under the discretion of the classroom teacher, school administration and school Speech and Language Pathologist to select exceptional role models for our placement students. Students are selected based on developed communication, social and independence skills.  All community children must be toilet trained upon entering the program.


What is the cost of Discovery Preschool?

There is no cost to any families in the Discovery Preschool program.


What ages are accepted into the program?

Discovery Preschool serves children who are three and four years of age. Children must be three years of age by the beginning of the school year to be admitted into the program.


Is transportation provided?

Transportation is not provided for our community children. Parents must be able to transport students to and from the program.


How do I apply?

Families who are interested in applying for Discovery Preschool may contact the school directly at 791-8548 and asked to be placed on the interview list. In May, the school will contact all families about the interview times. Families will be notified in late June if their child has been placed into the program or has been placed on the waiting list.


What is the interview process?

Families are allotted a time to come into the school with their child to meet the Discovery Preschool team. Interviews last approximately 15 minutes. During that time, parents will be informed about the program and each child will have the opportunity to play with various adults in the room. During this time, the Discovery Preschool team will be evaluating applicants based upon his/her language, social and independence skills.


My child wasn’t selected for the program. Now what?

Often the selection process for Discovery Preschool is affected by forces out of our control such as age and sex. The Discovery Preschool team tries to create a balance in the room with these in mind. Your child may be a perfect candidate, but in that year, the program may need a child of a different age or sex to balance the room. A waiting list is created each year for vacated community spots. We are unable to tell you where you are on the list as we fill spots based on age/sex of the child whose spot was vacated.