Radio Play Voicethreads - Listen to Them Online!

You heard all about the students' Radio Plays, and now you can listen to them online!  The students are taking turns recording their plays to Voicethreads!  Feel free to listen to them, and please leave a comment or compliment!  I will be adding to this in the coming week so that everyone's performances will be online.

McKenna and Reanne - 1941 Wall Street

Hannah and Selena - The Halloween Party

Dylan, Andrew, and Cory - What's New Scooby Doo?

Abbey and Sam - Trick or Treat!

Chelsea, Komal, Jack, and Ryan - The Halloween Mystery

Colin, Kyle, and Lucas - The Skeleton House (Click on the skull icon on the left side to hear their story - it recorded a bit differently.)


I listen to all of them they were really good. :)

Radio Plays

WOW!  Great job Reanne and Mckena, good expression too!~Abbey

Thanks for the nice comments you guys!!!!!!!!

Thanks Komal,Hannah,Christian and Dylan for the nice comments. All of you guys did an awesome job doing them they were also really fun to work with our groups/partners.


Reading is fun

Superb job!Your play was awesome and lots of expression Colin,Kyle,and Lucas!Fabulous job!

I agree!

I agree with all of the new comments.  Everyone spoke with such great expression and volume!  I can't wait to hear the remaining groups perform!

~ Mrs. Gobeil

Awesome Job!

Wow!I like how Sam and Abbey where so loud and they had a lot of expression.

From Hannah

Wow! I like how you said

Wow! I like how you said What's New Scooby Doo all together!Great Job!

Wow!Awesome radio play! I

Wow!Awesome radio play! I like how Sam and Abbey talked in loud voices Awesome job!

Great Compliments

What great compliments you are all giving your classmates!  I like how you are being so descriptive and sharing specific things that you enjoyed.  I can't wait to record the rest of the plays this week!  Well done, grade 5's!

good job!

I liked how Hannah and Selena's were so loud.My favourite part was when Hannah told what everyone was was whereing to the party.


great job!

I liked how Reannes and Mckenna's play was so awesome.I really liked the part when they scream into the mic.



Wow! Well done girls,I can't wait to do mine!!

Good Job!

I like how Reanne and McKenna spoke clearly and used loud voices. Good story too. I also like there cover page.

awesome play

i love these peoples plays

Great compliments!

What wonderful comments and compliments for your peers!  Thanks Komal and McKenna!  I can't wait until everyone else has their stories recorded next week!

Hannah and Selena's Story

Wow! Your story was so awesome! I really liked how you did the Z99 thing. Great job!

I like Reanne and McKenna's

I like Reanne and McKenna's Cover page it's nice and they talked in lots of expression.


I liked how Hannah and

I liked how Hannah and Selena talked in a loud voice and they had lots of expression.


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