Band News - October

ü  Thanks to all beginner band students and parents who came to our Beginner Band Workshop. We are excited to have you join our music family. Special thanks to Judge Bryant for hosting! Thanks also to JAM and Saskatchewan Music Educators' Association for sponsoring our event.

ü  How are you doing with fitting practice time into your family routine? It is SO important that students establish a good practice routine (10-15 min x ~5x/wk) right from the start. While some weeks this may be difficult please do your best to play regularly. We're counting on you!

ü  As you settle into your new routine please commit to helping your child 'stick with it.' Music stimulates the creative mind and unleashes multi-dimensional thinking that reinforces the highest level of intellect, sensory awareness and memory. The benefits of music study extend far beyond performance. Learning an instrument can help children master the disciplines required for success in life and can profoundly shape their lives. Don't Give Up!

ü  Lamontagne fundraiser packages went out Sept. 19th. Orders (payable to JAM) are due Fri. Oct. 12th. Though fundraising is optional, it's a great way to pay for Jam, t-shirt and spring event fees. JAM & t-shirt fees are due Nov. 1st.

ü  Please feel free to join us at our next JAM meeting on Tues. Oct. 9th at 7:30 pm at Johnson. We are desperately seeking a TREASURER!! If you have some book keeping skills and can offer some time we REALLY need your help!! We are also looking for an auditor to complete a review.

ü  Please plan ahead to join us on Tues. Dec. 4th at Johnson for our Winter Concert. Band students will need their uniform t-shirt, black pants, black socks, and black shoes.