Weekly Website Draw

At Henry Braun we want to encourage families to visit our school website regularly to find out what is happening in and around the school.

Each week we will be adding new stories, events and updates about the school.

Each week we will be posting a Weekly Website Word.  Tell your child the website word or have them write it in their agenda.  Students will then fill in Website Word ticket at school.  We will be making Website draws each week with many prizes to give away. 

Weekly Website Word:  Determination 

We hope that everyone had a great week!

Our School Hours are 8:53am - 11:45am  and   12:45pm - 3:37pm 

Monday, Sept. 15  Day 5

Cross Country Team Practice at 8am in the gym

Boys' Volleyball Meeting at 10:30am in the library

Mrs. Glasser's Grade 3 Class swimming at the Sandra Schmirler Center (pm)

Beginner Band Workshop for the Gr. 6 band students this evening at Johnson Collegiate

Tuesday, Sept. 16   Day 1

Flett/Rilling Field Trip to Treaty 4 is cancelled

Band Sectionals for Gr. 6, 7 & 8 at Braun begin today

Girls' Volleyball Practice today at 3:37

Wednesday, Sept. 10  Day 2

Girls' Volleyball Practice at 7:30am

Cross Country Team Practice at 8am 

Mrs. Glasser's Grade 3 Class Swimming at the Sandra Schmirler (pm)

Full Band today at Johnson Collegiate

Thursday, Sept. 11  Day 3

Girls' Volleyball Game today afterschool at Ruth M. Buck School

Friday, Sept. 12  Day 5

Gr. 4 - 8 Track Meet for Henry Braun

GOLD Card Fundraiser - Last day to hand in money

Next Week:

Grade 8 Trip to Katepwa 




Summer Reading Bucket List


                Summer Reading Bucket List

How many can you do?

   q read outside

   q read a book about wild animals

   q read at breakfast

   q read a book about a city far away

   q read at the park

   q read a book with chapters

   q read a book about bugs

   q read a book then act it out

   q read a book to a pet

   q read at dinner

   q read a biography

   q read in the bath

   q read a magazine

   q read a book that makes you laugh

   q read in a blanket fort

   q read an ebook

q take a picture of you reading and send it to

                                Mrs. Wills (rhonda.wills@rbe.sk.ca)

Can you add some of your own?

Bring your list back in September to join our

summer reading party!


Powerpoint -- 25 Years of Henry Braun School

See the attached powerpoint commemorating 25 years of Henry Braun School. Thanks to Mrs. Gobeil for putting it together.

Early Years Family Centre

Hello Everyone

Welcome Back!  I hope you had a beautiful summer break and had the chance to relax and rejuvenate. 


Quick update from the Early Years Family Centres

The centres have experienced a few changes.  Scott Collegiate site has refreshed it’s invitations, we have relocated our Gathering Place site to Dr. Hanna school and have opened a third site in Miller High School – it’s been a busy summer!!


Please find below a link that will take you to our September Newsletter and Calendar as well links to our program posters.  

Discovery Pre-school

Every year, we have many parents inquiring about enrolling in our Discovery Preschool. Please see the link on the side of the page for more information.

Parking Woes

Every year around this time, people start to ignore the no stopping and no parking signs near the school. While we understand the desire to minimize your child's exposure to the elements, disobeying the law creates an unsafe situation for students who are walking to and from school, and the parents who are choosing to park in the specified areas. As such, parking tickets will be issued on a regular basis to cars disobeying the posted signage. We appreciate your understanding and support as we try to make the school as safe a place as possible for our students.

New Playstructure Help!

The SCC is looking for a storage space for the new play structure that will be erected in the spring. They need approximately a 12' by 20' space from the end of January until April. If you can help out, contact them at henrybraunscc@hotmail.com. Also, follow them on Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/HenryBraunSCC

Follow Us on Facebook!

Henry Braun has an offical facebook page -- "like" us and get regular updates about the school! http://www.facebook.com/HenryBraunSchool

Poinsettia Fundraiser

Poinsettia orders can be picked up on Tuesday, December 4th between 4 and 6 at the school. Thanks for supporting the SCC!

Winter Concert Tickets

All Winter Concert tickets are available for pickup on Conference Day, December 6th, at the school. There will be a table just outside the office where you can sign for your tickets. Any tickets that you are not going to use can be returned to the school so that they can be reallocated. As last year, there is a limited number of tickets per family due to fire code regulations. We appreciate your understanding.

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