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Fidget spinners are popping up everywhere, including Henry Braun School.  However, there is a great deal of misinformation surrounding the use of fidgets. Fidgets are sensory and self-regulation tools utilized within a classroom setting. There is an array of tools falling under the heading of fidget. Each is utilized for specific reasons and chosen for individual students by trained Learning Resource Teachers or Occupational Therapists. Lately, students have been bringing fidget spinners to school and playing with them in the classroom and on the playground.  When they are used by students in this manner and when they have not received them by trained specialists, they are not considered an educational adaptation, but a TOY.  As such, similar to all other toys, fidget spinners are to remain at home and NOT to be brought to school. We appreciate your help in keeping our school a learning environment.  

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Plastic Bag Grab

Check out our amazing video that was created by the SAC students and Mr. Lee to enter into the Plastic Bag Grab challenge.  Please share the video and tweet it out!  Keep bringing in your plastic bags until June 7.  


Plastic Bag Grab

Please bring your bags to our school between

May 29-June 7!!!

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, May 17


Everyone Welcome!!!

School Locator

What school is closest to your home? Do you want to determine if there is transportation? Click the link below and see!  This link is also conveniently located at the Regina Public School website.


Provincial Budget Updates

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, at the public meeting of the Regina Board of Education, the Director of Education, Greg Enion shared information relating to the 2017-18 Provincial Budget. The points he made are available on the news page of the Regina Public Schools website. Please take the time to read this information about the potential financial impact of the Provincial Budget Regina Public Schools. The direct link to the website information is.

SignUp.Com conference signup is open


Step 1:   Go to

Step 2:  Click on your child's teachers name

Step 3:  Chose the time that best fits your schedule.  


Parent Forum

2017 Parent Forum

Tuesday, March 14 at 7pm

Please see the attached poster for more information 

Numeracy Night

Come join us for a

Family Numeracy Night 

Wednesday, March 15 6-7pm


Regina Early Years Family Centre

The Regina Children's Initiative (RCI) is a local community-based initiative that represents the movement toward improved outcomes for children prenatal to age six and their families in Regina.

The first six years of a child's life lay the foundation for learning, behaviour, and health throughout their lifetime. Children's interactions, experiences, and relationships during this critical period leave lasting impressions that shape their development and impact the way they think and feel into adulthood.


Check out all of the amazing programs offered in March including Ribbon Skirt Making and Mini Chefs!  Click on the link below or the attachments.



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