Buses and cabs cancelled again


All Regina Public Schools student transportation is cancelled due to extreme windchill on Thursday, January 12.

All schools remain open. 

Transportation Cancelled

All Regina Public Schools student transportation is cancelled due to extreme windchill on Wednesday,  February 8.

All schools remain open. 

SCC Meeting

SCC Meeting January 9th at 7pm

Everyone is welcome!  We meet in the library!  

Polar Bear Club

During the winter, we have recess indoors when the tempeature, with or without the windchill, is -25 or lower.  Often this temprature is not bitterly cold, especially if students are adequately dressed.  Days spent entirely indoors are long and difficult for energetic students who enjoy out-of-doors.  


Please fill in the attached form if your child would like to participate.  

Winter Newsletter

Click for the Winter Newsletter

SCC Meeting

Our December SCC Meeting has changed to Tuesday, December 13.  Due to this busy time of the year and with many members not being able to attend the meeting on Monday, the SCC changed the date.  We hope to see you at the meeting on Tuesday, December 13 at 7:00pm!

Henry Braun Family Night

Henry Braun Family Night

Wednesday, November 30



Author Trina Markusson will be sharing her book, Good Morning Sunshine, with families.  Her book will be for sale for $15.  Immediately following the book reading, families will be watching the movie, Finding Dory.  Families are encouraged to bring a donation for Carmichael Outreach to attend the movie.  

Concession items will be available for $1 each. 

Online Conferencing

Henry Braun Online Conference Scheduling Is Open!!


Parent-teacher conferences will take place on April 7th.

This year we have decided to move the sign up process to an online program. It is our hope that this will be a more convenient process for everyone involved. Below you will find a step by step tutorial, a link to the Signup.com website, and a survey where you can provide us with feedback on the digital sign up process. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing everyone on the 7th!


Signup.com Link  http://signup.com/go/MEBtsn

Click to Sign up 

Click for a Tutorial 

Click to submit a Survey 



FCC Food Bank

WOW!  Thank you for all of the support for the Food Bank!  We collected 759 pounds of food.  Mr. Goby's Grade 5/6 class helped load the FCC trailer!  

Great job everyone!!!



Makerspace Family Fun Night


Henry Braun School


What is maker space?  The maker space approach emphasizes creation and creativity -- products and processes born from tinkering, playing, experimenting, expressing, and collaborating

Students and their families can come and create!

WHEN:  Wednesday, October 19

TIME:     6:00-7:30pm


WHO:     All Grades welcome!  Bring your families!!



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