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Curriculum Documents are now housed here: Click on "Open Document" to get it as a pdf.

If you are in the school after hours, and have a concern with the security of the building call Group 5 Security at 550-8901.



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What is name of favourite teacher?

Henry Braun

What is dream job?


Where did parents meet?


Birthday Nov. 2, 1987





Terry Fox Walk

On Friday, the school will participate in a Terry Fox Walk for Cancer Research. Students are encouraged to bring a "Twoonie for Terry" which will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation. The walk will take place in the afternoon (the weather is supposed to be wonderful!) and will involve a short circuit through the neighbourhood. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the school.

Head Lice

Every school year there are concerns regarding Head Lice.  Head lice are common in school-age children but they do not cause serious health problems and most children have no symptoms. However they do spread easily by sharing personal items, such as head gear, towels and combs, coats/jackets and sharing the same bed and/or through close head to head contact with an infested person.

Anyone can get head lice no matter how clean and careful they are.

Head lice and their eggs are tiny and seen only with careful checking of the hair and scalp. The nits may look like dandruff, but cannot be flicked or blown off. People with head lice may have an itchy scalp. Nits (eggs) can survive for over a week.

If you discover that your child has lice or nits, please notify the school.  Your child will not be identified.  A generic, informational letter will be sent home with classroom students advising parents/guardians how to check for lice and nits as well as treatment procedures.


Electronic Devices

A reminder that there is no student usage of electronic devices during school time.  The school is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.


Henry Braun SCC Fundraising News

QSP Magazine Sales has been extended to Monday, Sept. 19th.  Please have all orders returned by Sept 19th!  Thank you for your support!


School Safety Drills

During the school year we practice a variety of safety drills so everyone knows what to do in case of a fire, an intruder in the school or if we need to evacuate the school and/or school grounds. One safety drill we practice is called "Code White".  During this drill we practice what to do if an intruder should come into our school.  This drill requires that all students are in a classroom with a teacher or school staff member.  Staff will close and secure the classroom door.  Prior to ending the drill, school administration will check to see if each room has a secure door.


Students Arriving at School

Please ensure that your child is not arriving at school before 8:45am, as there is no supervision on the playground until that time. Thank you for helping us keep your children safe!

Magazine Fundraiser Reminder

All students submitting magazine orders by September 8th will be entered for a draw!  Draw will take place at 1:00 on Thurs. Sept 8th.


Students Being Picked Up During School Hours

On a daily basis, students leave school during the day for a variety of reasons.  For the safety of these students, we are requesting that parents/guardians come into the school to pick up their children.  Students may be picked up at the office or their classroom.  In following this procedure, we will know that all children have safely left the school.


Student Attendance

We appreciate you informing the school office when your child is absent from school or arriving late.    If you are unable to talk to someone (non-school hours or the line is busy) please leave a message as our answering service will cut in automatically.  Whenever a child is absent from school and we have not heard from a parent/guardian we will make a reasonable attempt to discover why the child is absent.  Keeping the school apprised of absences is critical to the safety of each student.


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