Staff Appreciation Week - Thank you!

Thank you to all the parents who helped make Staff Appreciation Week so enjoyable for the Henry Braun staff. The staff enjoyed treats in the staff room all week, and a wonderful lunch on Friday courtesy of the SCC. Thanks so much!


RSO Storytellers Concert

Click on "1 attachment" below for information on the RSO Storytellers Concert.

Band News

Dear Band Students, Parents & Guardians:
We are pleased to report the steady growth and progress of our band students and would like to commend them for their dedication to quality music making and their commitment to our program. Band provides an opportunity for artistic expression that our students might not experience otherwise. But it goes beyond the development of basic instrumental skills and artistic talent. Through band education we are dedicated to developing the following values:
* Individual responsibility * Group and individual respect * Personal trust
* Genuine caring * Commitment to our musical family
The implementation, reinforcement and integration of these disciplines serve as the foundation for our program. It is no coincidence that these values mirror Regina Public School’s shared values – I am responsible, I respect, I belong, and I want to know.
Rewarding Leaders To reward students demonstrating leadership qualities, the band directors will be selecting one deserving student per school to receive a pair of tickets for the RSO kids’ concert, Story Tellers, on Sunday, February 13th at 2:30pm. A leader is someone who: attends band regularly and comes prepared; stays focused and is ready to learn; demonstrates evidence of regular practice.

Housekeeping & JAM News

  • The Lamontagne "Destinations" Chocolates fundraiser continues while supplies last. Each $60 case contains 30 $2 boxes of Canadian-made nut-free chocolates. Students earn a 50% profit towards their JAM account. STUDENTS MUST PAY $60 FOR EACH CASE UPON PICK-UP. Cash or Cheque (made payable to JAM INC.)
  • Congratulations to Tyler Hugo (GF), Dustin Koch (GE), Kailee LeDrew (HB), Keanan Meier (GE), Jessica Ritco (HB), and Kristian Vogel (GF) on their performance at the RPS Jr. Select Band last month. Thank you for being such great representatives of our program. We are so proud of the work you’ve done.J
  • If you’d like to get more involved in our parent association please join us at our next JAM meeting on Tues., February. 8th at 7:15pm in the Johnson library.


Ms. Alison Thiele

Henry Braun/Judge Bryant

Ms. Raelynn Smith

Glen Elm/George Ferguson

Mrs. Sherri Dlouhy-Stevenson



Math Problem of the Day

Want to reinforce numeracy skills with your student? Here's a great site offering a new problem to solve every day.

Lunchroom Note

All students staying for lunch on a regular or casual basis must complete a lunchroom registration form. Also, regular students MUST have a note/phone call when they are not staying and casual students MUST have a note/phone call on the day they are staying. Your diligence in phoning or writing a note will help us keep all children safe.

High School Open Houses

Cold Weather Procedures

To ensure the safety of all students, it is recommended that parents/guardians discuss emergency procedures with their children.  If students are not picked up by parents/guardians, it is advised that parents/guardians pre-arrange with an older sibling or another student in the area to accompany a younger student home during extreme blizzard conditions.  This will eliminate having to call the school for last minute instructions.   Students should be advised of what to do when there is no parent/guardian home when they arrive after being dismissed.  They should be aware of an alternate contact person.

Mom's Pantry Muffin Mixes

Attention anyone with muffin mixes on backorder from Mom's Pantry.  The backordered muffin mixes will be delivered to 1532 McVeety Drive tomorrow (Friday Jan 14th).  I am available for orders to be picked up between 3pm and 6:30 pm.   If you  can't make it during that time call me at 789-8346 to arrange a time to pick up.


Karin Leusink, SCC


Softball Registration

The Regina Fighting Saints softball organization ( is now accepting registrations for the 2011 softball season for boys ages 5 -10 and girls ages 5 -19. We are affiliated with the Regina Minor Softball League. For registration information, please contact Blair 757-9715 or e-mail




Kindergarten Registration

If you have or know of someone who has a child eligible for Kindergarten (age 5 on or before December 31, 2011), please contact the school at 791-8548 to register this child.

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