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Our 2016-2017 Henry Braun school year is off to a great start. 

Our website is under construction so please be patient as we get things fixed. 

A few dates to add to your calendar:

Student Activity Council (SAC) Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month during the lunch hour

School Community Council (SCC) Meetings are the first Monday of the month.  Our next one is Monday, September 12.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME

Track and Field for students in Grade 4-8 is on Friday, September 16.  Subway Lunch is available for pre-orders.

Picture Day, September 29

Meet the Staff is on Thursday, September 29 from 4:30-6:30

Orange Shirt Day is Friday, September 30


Last Day of School

Last Day of School 

Wednesday, June 29 at 2:30



Lunch Room 2016-2017

Please register your children for lunch rooms as soon as possible so we can ensure that we have adequate lunch room supervision!!!

Payment is not needed until the Fall!



Earth Day-Plastic Bag Grab

Earth Day-Plastic Bag Grab


Henry Braun collects 12, 235 bags!  WAY TO GO!!




Playground Supervision



Playground Supervision

Playground supervision begins in the morning when the first school bus arrives or 15 minutes prior to the bell ringing, whichever is earlier. In addition, the grounds are supervised at recess breaks, during part of the noon hour, and after school for the supervision of transportation. Parents should be aware there is no outdoor supervision outside of these times. For specific supervision times, please contact your school principal.


Terri Baldwin, Superintendent, School Services



Devry Greenhouse Fundraiser

Just a reminder that the SCC Devry Greenhouse Fundraiser is due Wednesday, April 13.

April 11-15

This Week at Braun


 Monday, April 11 (Day 5)

Safety Patrol-Team 2

Calm Colouring Club at 12:10

Grade 7 (Sim) Canoeing at Lawson

Body Smarts SAC Challenge Begins

Badminton Practice After School

SCC Meeting at 7pm


 Tuesday, April 12 (Day 1)



 Wednesday, April 13 (Day 2)

Pink Shirt Day

Speed Stacking Practice at Lunch

Badminton Home Game vs Henry Janzen


 Thursday, April 14 (Day 3)

Grade 6 Immunizations AM

Drama Club Noon


Friday, April 15  (Day 4) 

Calm Colouring Club 12:10

April 4-8

This Week at Braun


 Monday, March 21 (Day 1)

Safety Patrol-Team 3

Calm Colouring Club at 12:10


 Tuesday, March 22 (Day 2)

Cookie Sale (0.50cents)

Speed Stacking at Noon

Girls Club after school

 First Aid Presentation (Grade 6)

Scholastic Book Fair


 Wednesday, March 23 (Day 3)

Speed Stacking

Potluck Breakfast ( Grade 6/7 Brander/Sim & Grade 7)

Scholastic Book Fair

Swimmimg-Grade 6/7 (Sim) & Grade 7



Thursday, March 24 (Day 4)

NO SCHOOL-3 Way Conferences and Celebration of Learning

Scholastic Book Fair


Friday, March 18 (Day 5) 

 NO SCHOOL-Good Friday

March 14-18

This Week at Braun


 Monday, March 14 (Day 1)

Safety Patrol-Team 2

Calm Colouring Club at 12:10

SCC Meeting 7pm


 Tuesday, March 15 (Day 2)

Speed Stacking at Noon

Girls Club after school


 Wednesday, March 16 (Day 3)

Speed Stacking

Family Games Night 6:30-8:30


Thursday, March 17 (Day 4)

St. Patrick's Day

Green Dress Up Day

 Progress Reports Go Home

Drama Club at Noon

French Club after school


Friday, March 18 (Day 5) 

 Calm Colouring Club 1t 12:10

NO School Thursday, March 10 and Friday, March 11

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