Greystone Bereavement

See attached for information on the Greystone Bereavement Centre, which provides support to those who have lost a friend or family member.

Before and After Program

The Before and After Program has moved to Room 200, located on the end of the yellow hallway.

Parent Power with Jennifer Amy

Understanding all the implications of Learning Disabilities can be overwhelming and full of obstacles.  Gaining knowledge of what Learning Disabilities are, how they can be managed and knowledge of self-advocacy strategies helps parents avoid problems and pitfalls.

Parent Power offers four sessions that will share information and strategies useful to parents navigating the educational system.

Please join us at 7 p.m. each evening at our new location at 2221 Hanselman Crt. for the following sessions:

October 23, 2012            Introduction to Learning Disabilities

October 30, 2012            Helping Students with Learning Disabilities

November 6, 2012           Developing Parent Advocacy

November 13, 2012          Helping Students to Advocate for Themselves

Jennifer Amy has been a specialized teacher in the field of Learning Disabilities for over fifteen years.  She is also the parent of a child with a Learning Disability and has experienced the challenges of the education system first hand.  These workshops offer her expertise as well as a format for parents to share their own unique ideas and experiences.

For further information or to register, please call 652-4114  ext 4 or check out our website.  Membership fees are $35.00 and registration is free for members.


Learning Disabilities are nothing new........

Understanding it is.......

Regina Early Years Family Centre

See attached for information about the Regina Early Years Family Centre.

School Starts September 4th

School starts for all students Tuesday, September 4th at 9am. Students will enter their appropriate door, and proceed directly to their homeroom. Students who are new to the school, or who are unsure of their homeroom, can come to the office. Staff are ready, and looking forward to another successful year of learning at Henry Braun!

Supply Lists 2012-13

See the attached file for the Henry Braun 2012-13 supply lists. The school is closed from June 30th until August 28th. Teaching staff return August 29th and students start school on September 4th at 9am.

A letter from the SCC

See attached for an end-of-year note from the SCC that went home with students.

Freeze DNA Comic Presentation

Thank you to Anthony and Justin Stanberry from Freeze DNA for coming and showing us how to draw great comic characters! There were a lot of smiling faces at the end of the workshop. It was fun! Students who would like to practice their drawing can order their books on the order form provided. It needs to be returned to school with payment on Monday morning.


Track Meet Information

See attached for the schedule for Monday's track meet -- note that times are approximate!


Canteen Menu for Douglas Park Track Meet

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Hamburger and a drink:       $ 3.50

Hotdog and a drink: $3.50

Veggie Burger and a drink: $3.50

Chips: $1.00

Juice / Pop / Water: $2.00

Powerade: $3.00

Granola bars: $1.00

Freezies and Popsicles: $1.00

Candy: $0.25 - $2.00

Apples and Oranges: $1.00 each

* BBQ items will be provided by M and M Meats and cooked on site.


Professional Comic Artist Visiting!

A professional comic artist from Freeze DNA will be visiting the school on Thursday May 31st from 9:30 - 10:15. He will lead a number of classes in a drawing workshop where they will learn to draw  comic characters. Students will have an opportunity to purchase some of his drawing books. Information will come home about this on Thursday. You can learn more about Freeze DNA at

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